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Welcome to Playfanz, the #1 Play community on LJ! Yeah we don't like the Z either but we aren't moving so deal. Play was a Swedish girl group that consisted of Anaïs Lameche, Anna Sundstrand, Rosie Munter and Faye Hamlin (who would later be replaced by Janet Leon). Play was active as a group from 2001-2004 and officially disbanded on September 29, 2005. Now that the girls have gone their separate ways, they have all begun working on solo projects. Faye is modeling, Rosie and Anna are modeling and working on solo cds, Janet has said she is working on a solo cd, and Anaïs is working on something as well but is keeping everything a secret for right now. Please join this community and show your love and support for Anaïs, Anna, Rosie, Janet, and Faye!

1) You must be a fan of Play.
2) Do not bash Play, other celebs, or members of this community.
3) No advertising of other communities/websites unless they are Play related.
4) Please put all graphics, pictures, etc behind an LJ cut tag
5) Keep all posts on topic. This is a Play community, therefore all posts should be Play-related.
6) Do not post anything personal about any of the members, including pictures.
7) If you are a new member, please do this survey:
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Official Sites
Rosanna's Official Site
Rosanna's Official Myspace
Anna's Official Fanlisting

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