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It's been awhile since I've posted here.

Hi I'm the other co-mod of this community (formerly magicavenue)! As you've probably noticed, I've been rather MIA from this community. When Vicky (saralumholdt) first asked me to do this, it was during the summer after I had graduated from HS and I had tons of free time. However I'm in university now and free time is becoming more and more difficult to find. Therefore, I haven't been able to update this as much as I used to. I still support Anaïs, Anna, Rosie, Janet, and Faye though. If you've missed everything they've been doing since Play went their separate ways, here's a list of everything:

Anaïs: - After Play ended, she continued with her education and graduated in 2006. She has been seen clubbing in many pictures which you can find here: (note: this is not her official site, this is a fan site). Some pictures of her working on her future career were posted. However from what I have seen on several sites, she asked them to remove her pictures and not discuss her future career. Therefore I'm asking that you don't post the pictures here either if you have them. Recently she attended a fashion show event in December 2006.

Anna: Anna is with MMG and has been working on modeling, including for a bridal company. She is working on music as well. She has been working on her very first solo cd and song clips out of her solo songs "Say It Again" and "Press Rewind" are available on her official fanlisting at She's done several performances with Chris Trousdale and even did a tour with him last month to visit children in hospitals. She also has a fan myspace which you can find on her official fanlisting.

Rosie: Rosie has been working on modeling as well as music. She has an official site ( and an official myspace ( There has been some question as to if the myspace is hers or not, but it is her. The person who originally made that myspace handed it over to Rosie. Hopefully Rosie will be posting some of her music on her myspace very soon!

Janet: Unfortunately not much has been heard from Janet since April of last year, but she did say that she was working on a solo cd.

Faye: Faye has been doing some modeling. She's done a few runway shows in Sweden and you can find more of her pictures here: Go to new faces and you'll see her there. I have no idea if she's planning on doing music or not, but at least she is still doing something which is good!

I'll try to post here more again when there's news. I've just been so busy lately. I hope all of you have been doing well! Also, please don't add this name because it is for my private use of maintaining communities/joining communities. Thank you.

ps: please please please join lovely_lameche!

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